The Rugby Barbados World 7s in 2019 is going to take place at the Kensington Oval, Bridgetown – the home of West Indies first class cricket!

In 2018 the importance of this tournament has been raised even higher with the event being held again at the 11,000 seater Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados a world-renowned international cricket venue.

Last year was the first time that International Rugby 7s has been played at any Test Oval in the Caribbean and this year we are confident that there will be sixteen (16) Women’s and eight (8) Men’s teams containing top-class, past and present International and Olympic 7s players, competing over two exciting days of rugby.

The iconic Kensington Oval provides a unique setting for world-class Rugby action.
International Sports Commentator & Official 2018 RBW7s Commentator, Gavin McLeavy had this to say about the venue:
“What a great experience I had commentating the Rugby Barbados World 7s in December at the Kensington Oval Cricket stadium. To have such a historic international cricket stadium hosting the beautiful game of Rugby was a really special moment. I personally had the hairs on my arm stand on end as I walked across the field to my commentary booth high above the players. Bringing back so many memories of my childhood watching England play the West Indies there, and here I was about to host some international Rugby on the same spot. The dimensions were perfect to fit the Rugby field and additional space for warm up areas for teams, the amazing quality of the cricket grass held up excellently under the stampeding Rugby players boots. Hosting Rugby at a Cricket stadium is a stroke of genius with ample space for players to warm up and recover between games and then the facilities to be able to have fans enjoying the game in the shade of the stands, while getting refreshments and soaking up the atmosphere, has created a lot of chatter about the possibility of using the Oval for more Rugby in the future and maybe even using similar cricket stadiums in other countries around the Rugby and Cricket world. Kensington Oval is trailblazing in the innovation of how Cricket stadiums can be better occupied and bring more sports tourism to Barbados. I’m so excited to see more!”

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